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My name is Alfonso Lozano

This Spanish filmmaker, photographer and video editor, Alfonso Lozano (b. 1987) has been living and working in New York for more than a decade. During this time he has travelled across the U.S. pursuing topics such as police brutality, racism, the Central American refugee crisis, gun violence, terrorism, election campaigns and natural disasters. In addition, he worked throughout the coronavirus pandemic, telling the stories of how the global crisis affected the lives of New Yorkers.

Alfonso’s international coverage has extended to many destinations including; Ukraine and the war after the Russian Invasion, Cuba and the island’s political changes after Castro's death, as well as hurricane disasters in countries such as Haiti, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

Despite his young age, he has already visited fifty countries and has been exposed to extreme situations, crises and conflicts. He has covered the Narco war in Mexico; the murders of women in Ciudad Juarez; natural disasters in Indonesia and Thailand; extreme weather in Siberia, and the after-effects of the Chernobyl disaster. In 2020 he travelled to Australia to document the historic wildfires that revenged the country.


His talent in documenting vulnerable moments through video and photography helps to draw attention to some of the most critical problems facing humanity. Through these media, he continues to tell stories and capture the human experience.

Alfonso has embarked on a new freelance adventure creating his own company after 9 years as videographer at the New York bureau of Televisión Española (TVE), Spain’s national public TV. Previously, he worked for a number of Spanish and international outlets such as Antena 3, Cuatro, Telecinco, La Sexta, CNN, RAI and TF1. He collaborates with many important companies such as El Pais, The Hispanic Society Museum and Library, Mediapro and creates the campaigns of Rioja or Somontano wines. In 2022 Alfonso and his team were awarded the Premio Ondas for Best Coverage of the Conflict in Ukraine.

His passion for visual images is inextricably linked to his sense of solidarity. One defining moment was a trip to Africa in which he participated in a volunteer program through the Aseda Gambia NGO. “I was exposed to nations ravaged by hunger and conflict… But, at the same time, Africa has a wealth of human experience I haven’t found anywhere else..”

Alfonso believes in day-to-day work and perseverance.

Photography is, first of all, a way of seeing. It is not seeing itself.  Susan Sontag

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