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It broadcast for the first time on January 5, 1984. It was born by chance. Because a reporter used his cunning to get closer to Fidel Castro and he took the bait.

Since then, there are hardly any corners on this planet where a program team has not been. Many directors, reporters, filmmakers, photojournalists have passed through here ... But En Portada has always kept intact its two reasons for being: to tell what happens beyond our borders and to give a voice to the millions of people around the world who have interesting things to say and that nobody has ever put a microphone on them

Informe Semanal is a Spanish news magazine which has been broadcast on La 1 of Televisión Española weekly since 1973. It is the second longest runtime program in the history of television in Spain, just behind the daily newscast Telediario.

With more than 43 years on air, Informe Semanal is referred as the milestone news program in Europe and it is Televisión Española's most awarded program.

"Marijuana´s fever, the new green gold"


Radio Televisión Española offers in this report the evolution that the recreational cannabis situation is having in the United States. Arizona was the last state to approve the recreational use of cannabis. New York will do so soon. The cannabis industry sector is generating considerable amounts of tax money, yet the illegal market still exists. Exceptional journalistic analysis of the current situation of cannabis in the United States

"New York, virus epicenter"

The United States is by far the country with the most coronavirus sufferers, almost half a million. A third of the cases are concentrated in New York. The great city of more than 8 and a half million inhabitants alone adds more sick people than any other nation in the world.The paralysis of the first economy on the planet is having a devastating effect on a society with few safety nets. In the past three weeks, 16 million jobs have been lost, a number never seen before: in the worst two years of the last recession, half were lost. Weekly report analyzes the coronavirus crisis in the world's leading power with special attention to its largest urban center.

"Australia Bushfires"

"Southeast Australia has been burnt for five months. Forest fires have already destroyed an area equivalent to that of Castilla y León, the largest autonomous community in Spain, and there is no forecast that they will stop soon. To the human losses we must add the death of one billion animals and the danger of extinction of unique species. The government points to a historical drought as the main cause of the fires. Experts, however, attribute the catastrophe to climate change and warn that it is an anticipation of what awaits us all".


Elena Ortega, reflected the day of a group of Spaniards who voluntarily developed their professional or vital project within a hostile and dangerous environment in which they had ended up adapting.

The program is dedicated to visiting inhospitable enclaves, such as the Atacama Desert (Chile), the Siberian steppe or the Pacific Ring of Fire, nuclear winter zones like Chernobyl and places characterized by a climate of extreme violence, Ciudad Juárez Or certain places of the Amazon rainforest. So, the goal of What do I do here? It was to show how one lives in all these places of the hand of anonymous protagonists and of Elena Ortega, who also was forced to adapt to the daily life in these peculiar destinies.


The 2011 Arab Games is the 12th quadrennial Pan Arab Games and took place in DohaQatar from December 6 to 23, 2011.This was the first time that the country had hosted the multi-sport event. Khalifa International Stadium was the main venue for the competition.

Monster Jam is a live motorsport event tour and television show operated by Feld Entertainment.  The main attraction is always the racing and freestyle competitions by monster trucks


It´s a major American makeup brand sold worldwide and a subsidiary of Frenchcosmetics company L'Oréal.