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Rodeo has been a part of Jackson Hole’s cowboy culture since the first settlers arrived over 100 years ago. This competitive equestrian sport based on the skills  of the vaqueros and later, cowboys AND more a more cowgirls  It is the official state sport of Wyoming, South Dakota, and Texas. The Jackson Hole Rodeo is the spirit of the west at its best with calf roping, barrel racing, kids events, and the most exciting of them all, bull riding

Most of the participants come from the surrounding ranching community. Many are younger cowboys and cowgirls who just want to hone their skills and have a little fun. A tradition that has its roots in the real old west. Rodeo in Jackson, Wyoming is a local affair.

In 1890 Sylvester Wilson brought the first group of settlers over Teton Pass into what is now Jackson Hole. He came here with his family to raise cattle on the fertile grass growing abundantly in the valley. 120 years and six generations later the pioneer spirit lives on–the Wilson family continues the western heritage. Today, the pioneer spirit is still kicking and many experiences abound for hardy visitors to explore the history of Jackson Hole by putting their best boot forward and living the West.

Roots of Rodeo

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