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A nightmare for delivery riders in NYC. As of today there are at least already 20 deaths from hit-and-runs or robberies. Considered essential during the pandemic, that has shifted and many of these undocumented workers feel they have no protection or respect from police or authorities.


At the funeral of Miguel Ángel Leyva his window assures us that no one is even investigating his death.


They have built their own community, many who offer their condolences and tell us about the creation of the NYC food delivery movement. "Thefts, accidents, insecurity, racism," Jose tells us. “They spit on us, they don't tip us, they insult us, they put us through the service door” they all agree. “I have been in this for 18 years and there is more and more uncertainty. I don't know if I'll make it home” Francisco said. “We just want to be considered human beings”. Fernando told us.


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