Coronavirus, New York

The lights turned off on Broadway. The snaking lines of hungry workers disappeared from in front of the food carts. The subways emptied. The schools shut down. Restaurants and bars are closed. Life paused. Silence now reigns in the city- only interrupted by the sound of sirens through the streets





New York has been transformed and new habits formed. More than 4 millions workers are now working remotely, restaurants and cafes that remain open are takeout only, and 80% of public transportation has dropped…. New York has become a ghost town in a ghost nation on a ghost planet.  Living here, a city of more than 8 million, one becomes accustomed to encroachments on personal space on packed subways or sidewalks. No longer is that the case.

New York state now has more Covid-19 patients than any country in the world, aside from the United States. We are the epicenter of the epicenter. We are the ground zero of death. You can feel the pain, you can feel the emptiness, you can feel the sadness. But resilient New Yorkers continue to deliver messages of hope. This will make us stronger.


New York is used to tragedy. We New Yorkers have survived AIDS, 9/11 and catastrophic hurricanes. And, yes, we will survive coronavirus.