Great Match 

From the lush green and rugged mountains of the north to the castle-flecked Meseta and azure Mediterranean coast, Spain’s wine offers something for everyone.

Wines from Spain is pleased to host the 25th Annual Spain’s Great Match, an annual event organized by the Trade Commission of Spain in which American importers and distributors of wines present the latest vintages of the Spanish wines in their portfolio to wine industry professionals and consumers. For wine novices and connoisseurs alike, discover Spain’s wine, food, and design at Spain’s Great Match 2018.

Spanish Business Year

Founded in New York in 1959, the Spain–United States Chamber of Commerce has become one of the leading transatlantic business organizations fostering economic ties between the two countries. Each year, the Chamber takes great pride in honoring the accomplishments of an outstanding and influential business leader who has made significant strides in bringing our countries closer together.  The award ceremony brings together more than 300 attendees, representing the world of finance, business, politics, culture and social sectors from the United States and Spain.

Campaña DO Somontao 

Somontano is a wine region located in the North East of Spain, south of the Pyrenees Mountains, the natural border between Spain and France. 
Its dry climate, with cold winters and hot summers, makes Somontano one of the best enviroments for the elaboration of some of the best wines of Spain and Europe. 
The soils in Somontano are mainly calcisols and gypsisols, essential ingredients in the receipt of these exceptional wines.

The wines from the Somontano region of Spain organized a major event within their #thinkwinely campaign of this 2016.

The rooftop at the Northern Territory, one of the most iconic venues in Brooklyn, with stunning views of the Manhattan skyline was the place where

Despaña "chorizo" recipe 

Despaña Brand Foods is a unique company based in New York that has been servicing the wholesale food service industry with imported specialties from Spain in the U.S since 1971. We have established direct relationships with artisan, small to mid-size producers and represent the most select and high quality brands from Spain to be introduced in the USA.

Festival Flamenco New York City Center

This all-star event, directed by Manuel Liñan, features today’s most exciting artists, including legendary Gypsy dancer Juana Amaya, technical powerhouse Jesús Carmona, contemporary innovator Patricia Guerrero, flamenco star Olga Pericet, and singer-songwriter Rocío Márquez. Their disparate styles merge in an evening inspired by the cafés cantantes of Spain’s belle époque, when flamenco first became a public art.