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1. What is a portfolio website, and why do I need one?

  • A portfolio website is a personalized online platform where I showcase my work, skills, and experiences. It's essential because it allows you to get a comprehensive view of my capabilities and expertise. Whether you're a potential client or employer, my portfolio site is the best place to see what I can offer.

2. What kind of work do you showcase in your portfolio?

  • My portfolio features a range of projects and work, including photography, films, podcast, and more. I also highlight my skills and achievements, providing a well-rounded picture of my abilities.

3. Can I hire you for a project or job?

  • Absolutely! I'm available for freelance projects, collaborations, and potential employment opportunities. You can find more details on my availability and contact information on the website.

4. How can I contact you for inquiries or collaborations?

  • You can contact me through the "Contact" page on my website. I encourage inquiries, collaboration proposals, or any other questions you might have. I'll respond promptly to discuss your needs or ideas.

5. What is your background and experience?

  • I have 16 years of experience in filmmaking, with a background in Breaking News at TVE. I've worked on numerous projects for a variety of clients and have developed a strong skills.

6. Do you offer services other than what's shown in your portfolio?

  • Yes, my portfolio represents a subset of the services I offer. If you have specific requirements that aren't evident in my portfolio, please don't hesitate to ask. I have a diverse skill set and can adapt to various projects.

7. Do you charge for showcasing my work on your portfolio?

  • No, I do not charge for featuring work on my portfolio. If I've collaborated with you on a project, I may include it in my portfolio to showcase the partnership and highlight the project's success.

8. How often do you update your portfolio?

  • I strive to keep my portfolio up-to-date with my latest work and accomplishments. I typically update it when I complete significant projects or acquire new skills and achievements.

10. Are the projects in your portfolio available for sale or licensing?

  • The availability of projects for sale or licensing varies depending on the specific project and client agreements. If you're interested in a particular piece, please contact me to discuss its availability and terms.

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